Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How do you choose your insurance?

When you need insurance, how do you decide what to buy and where to buy it?  Do you go by referrals from friends? Do you call an 800 number, thinking that it will be less expensive than going through an agent or an independent insurance broker?

The next time you need insurance, consider contacting an independent insurance broker. The number one reason is an independent insurance broker is better able to provide personal service and attention to detail that many larger companies no longer offer.

As for myself, I am and independent broker and enjoy getting to know my clients. I compare plans from many of the nation's most respected insurance companies and help my clients select the insurance that's right for them. . . and their budget. I help them navigate the maze of rules and regulations and keep them up to date on changes that may affect them.

When my clients have questions, they can call me, not some impersonal telemarketer who doesn't knows them or their situation. Or they come in to my office and sit down with me face to face to discuss their concerns. That's something you won't get from the big guys!

All these services are provided at no charge to you. The premium you pay to enroll in any insurance plan will be exactly the same whether you apply directly through an insurance company or with me as your personal agent.

Let me know . . . how do you go about buying insurance?

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