Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Assessing the Need for Long Term Care

What is long-term care?
Long term care is care provided for a wide range of personal, medical and social services for an extended period of time. Determining the need for long-term care is often done by a health professional who assesses the disability and recommends the level and duration of care needed.  Doctors, nurses, geriatric care managers or hospital discharge planners may be helpful.

Assessing the need
To determine the appropriate level of care, observe the daily activities that the person is involved with and see which ones they are struggling to accomplish. Once you have determined which daily activities need support, a few choices for care are possible. Family and friends can pitch in to cover certain needs while a homemaker service or home health aide can come in and offer support in other areas.

Homemaker service companies help those who need assistance with household duties such as cooking, cleaning and running errands. A home health aide can provide more extensive personal care, including bathing, dressing eating and transferring among other support.

Long term care insurance can help keep you in your home by covering the cost of in-home care and services when you need them. But it must be purchased before a need arises. Call me today at 440-255-5700 to learn more about the unique features and options available to you through long-term care insurance.

Your next step is to find the right company to fit your needs. 

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