Thursday, June 19, 2014

Still Need Health Coverage?

Did you recently graduated from college?  
Have you aged off of your parent’s health plan? 
Are there events that left you without health insurance? 
Even though open enrollment is over, you may still have options to get health coverage this year. You may be qualified to sign up for private health insurance in the Marketplace right now, outside the Annual Open Enrollment Period.  
Anyone who experiences a qualifying life event is eligible to purchase private insurance in the Marketplace. Here are some examples of qualifying life events:
·         No longer covered by your parents’ plan
·         Get married
·         Get divorced
·         Death of a spouse
·         Have a baby or adopt a child
·         Move to a new area
·         Lost other health insurance including student health plans

Employment-Related Qualifying Events
You may also qualify for the Special Enrollment Period if your employment is terminated, your hours are cut back or your COBRA benefits expire. You will need to provide a letter from your employer on company stationary that verifies your termination or reduction in hours in order to qualify. For expiration of COBRA benefits, you will need a letter of documentation with your termination date.

Time Limits
You have sixty days from the date of any qualifying event to apply for health insurance coverage. In all cases you will be asked to provide documentation of the qualifying life event in the form of a birth or adoption certificate, marriage license, divorce decree or other legal documents.
Medicaid or CHIP coverage                                                                                 Enrollment to Medicaid or CHIP is open all year round. If you qualify, you (or a family member) can enroll immediately.
Call me to discuss your options.
If you or someone you know has questions on whether their circumstances qualify as an eligible life changing event, please contact me. I’ll do the checking and provide the best insurance choices for you and your budget.

There’s never a charge for my services.

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