Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Four ways to save big on prescription costs

1. Shop Around.
Prices at different pharmacies can vary dramatically, as much as from $4 to $250 or more within your neighborhood for the same prescription. Visit to compare prices and find coupons.  It pays to check.

Be sure to ask for the pharmacy’s lowest price because additional discounts may be available when you’re a member of a store’s loyalty plan. And don’t overlook your insurer’s “preferred” retail or mail order pharmacy when comparing costs. Some insurers and Medicare Part D Plans have negotiated deep-discounts to help you save.

2. Be wary of coupons.
Makers of brand-name drugs often flood the market with discount coupons in order to keep you as a customer. Even if a coupon cuts the cost you pay at the counter, your employer and insurance company are often paying the full price which will cost you in higher premiums down the road.

3. Cut the quantity 
Ask for a 14-day supply to get you started and see whether it help you without side effects. Once you're sure it works for you, you can refill a larger quantity.

4. Ask about OTC drugs, samples or a two week supply
Your physician may write prescriptions for drugs even after they are available over-the-counter. But, over the counter drugs are often cheaper so be sure to ask your doctor if your drug is available over the counter. 

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