Friday, May 16, 2014

New Generic Drugs on the Horizon

Cutting Drug Costs Down to Size

Do you think you’re spending too much on your prescription medications?  You’re probably
right!  But the good news is that there are a number of commonly prescribed brand name drugs scheduled to lose their patents this year. This opens the way for new, lower cost generic
versions of these medications to become available.

Among the medications scheduled for generic release this year are:

Actonel (Osteoporosis) June, 2014

Copaxone (Multiple Sclerosis) May 2014

Detrol LA (Urinary Incontinence) March, 2014

Evista (Osteoporosis) March, 2014

Lunesta (Sleep Disorders) May 2014

Lovanza (Hihg Cholesterol) 2014

Nasonex (Nasal Allergies) 2014

Nexium (Ulcers) May 2014

Restasis (Dry Eyes) May 2014

The dates for generic drugs becoming available are subject to change

You can find out whether a drug is available as a generic version by visiting the commercial website and searching for the drug by name and ask your doctor for more information.

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