Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Take this step to guard your medical identity

What do you do with the form you receive in the mail a few days after you see your physician or refill a prescription?  If you're like so many others, you toss it aside after a glance, relieved to know that it's an Explanation of Benefits and not a bill..

But, it’s important for you to check it out in detail to make sure the information it contains is correct.

Each insurance company and Medicare EOB usually contain the same information including your personal information, the doctor or facility visited, dates and description of your service, the fee billed to your insurance company and what you will be expected to pay once you receive your bill. It will also include any reason a service has been denied.

If any of the information on your EOB is incorrect, it could be a clerical error – or worse. Someone may have illegally used your medical identity. If you have any questions at all about your Explanation of Benefits call the phone number listed on the form and let them know your concerns.

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