Friday, December 12, 2014

Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy

Many American adults will struggle to pay medical bills this year. A sudden accident or frightening diagnosis can touch virtually anyone, unleashing mountains of bills. In fact, medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy.

For those with insurance, you can help keep your medical bills in line by taking the following steps:
  • Compare your Explanation of Benefits against your medical bill to check for mistakes.
  • Appeal any denied claims, 
  • Ask your hospital or other health care provider if any financial aid is available
If you don't have insurance, don't put off enrolling in a plan any longer. Don't put your financial security at risk. Call me today and I'll help you find a health insurance plan to fit your needs. 

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  1. I think it would be really hard if you had to file for bankruptcy and didn't have any income. I wonder if the senior care homes have a really low cost to stay there or if you can do a payment plan that the family pays for. I just wouldn't like to see the elderly on the streets because they are unable to work and they can't afford somewhere to live.

    Zach |