Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Improve your health - Adopt a pet

    I LOVE my three dogs and cannot imagine life without them. They are my best buddies and never fail to amp up the happiness level in our home. If you feel lonely or need a daily infusion of joy, I encourage you to consider adopting a dog, cat, fish or bird.

    Bringing a new best friend into your home will help to alleviate loneliness and bring opportunities to meet new people and experience new things.Click on the links here to see who is waiting for you!

    Lake County Humane Society
    Geauga Rescue Village

    If you need more reasons, consider these: 

    "According to The American Heart Association, owning a pet — particularly a dog — may help lower your risk of heart disease. There are two possible reasons for this. First, pets generally make people happy, providing the dog hasn’t recently ripped apart the couch cushions. Second, dog owners who walk their pets are more likely to get the level of daily physical activity needed for good health. There are other ways pet ownership may be beneficial to your health, such as:
    • Going for a walk in the neighborhood or park helps keeps you physically active. It may also be good for your overall well-being. Going out with your pet may lead to more socializing, too.
    • A furry friend provides emotional support, which may decrease stress and loneliness.*

    *Taken from 

    Pets and Good Health
    Posted by Medicare Made Clear

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