Thursday, July 18, 2013

There's No Family Plan with Medicare

The transition to Medicare often presents a dilemma for married couples who get their health insurance through the older spouse’s employer. When that spouse transitions to Medicare, the younger spouse, domestic partner and any dependents may be left without medical coverage.

If you and your spouse are in this situation, you have some considerations:
-          How many years will it be before the younger person becomes eligible for Medicare?

-          Does the younger spouse have access to a health plan through their employer?

-          Are there retiree health benefits from the spouse’s former employer that will cover the younger spouse? 

-          Does the younger spouse have a pre-existing condition that may be an obstacle to getting medical coverage.  (Beginning in 2014, an insurer can no longer discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions as part of the Affordable Care Act.)

Alternative health insurance options for younger spouses do exist.  Click here to learn some of your options:


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