Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Laura Mutsko Achieves PPACA Certification on Health Care

I've recently achieved PPACA certification by NAHU. It probably sounds like one more insurance alphabet soup certification to you, but it's much more.

Here's what it means . . .  I'm taking critical steps now to prepare for the introduction of Health Care Reform later this year. I'm learning the the most up-to-date information on the key technical components of PPACA and am well prepared to counsel individuals and businesses on upcoming required healthcare changes and new options for health plans.

 Topics of study include:

  • Implementing healthcare reform—overview and politics
  • Grandfathered plans and the small-business tax credit
  • Medicare Part D and non-discrimination rules
  • Patient protection and changes to consumer-directed health plans
  • Medical loss ratio requirements and tax implications
  • W-2 reporting, summary of benefits, waiting periods, essential benefits and community rating
  • Individual mandate, pre-existing conditions and rating reform
  • Health insurance exchanges for individuals and small employers
  • Employer pay or play
  • Self-insured plans
It means that I'll be ready for your questions when Health Care Reform is introduced this fall.

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