Thursday, April 11, 2013

Exclusive hospital discount for Lake County Veterans

U.S. Military Veterans from Lake County Ohio are entitled to an exclusive money-saving discount of up to 25% on hospital bills that are not covered by insurance. Here's what the policy states:
"In accordance with a motion passed by the Lake County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, October 10, 1949, all veterans will be granted discounts for any hospital services as follows:

I.        The veteran must be a resident of Lake County at the time of hospitalization: any doubtful cases of residence of a veteran shall be referred to the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Relief Commission for verification.

II.      Twenty-five per cent (25%) deduction on the veterans’ payments of his hospital account will be allowed in cases amounts not covered by hospital insurance.
III.    To be entitled to the discount, the veteran must have been separated from the service under conditions other than dishonorable, and proof of such service must be presented at or before the time of payment. The veteran shall be given the same consideration in settlement of bills as other patients.

IV.    The discount is to apply to the veterans’ account only: not to his or her dependents
V.      No adjustment is to be made on past due accounts or accounts of five ($5.00) dollars or less.

VI.    Female veterans are to have the same discount as male veterans except in maternity cases: then the discount is to apply to the mother’s day charges only.
VII.  If at any future time, the Board of Trustees contemplates changing with within (sic) regulations, the Board shall give reasonable advance notice to the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Relief Commission of Lake County of such contemplated change or changes in said regulations."
For more information on this benefit, please contact:  105 Main Street, Painesville, OH 44077
Painesville (440) 350-2567/2904 or email

Please share this information with any veterans you know who may be able to benefit from this discount. If you know of other little-known benefits for older adults or veterans,  please let me know and I will be glad to verify the information and pass it on though my website, social media and newsletters.

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