Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Anthem is working to protect your Medicare Advantage Plan

In recent weeks, a number of my clients have received phone calls from Anthem asking them to contact their congressman concerning proposed FUTURE cuts to Medicare Advantage funding. Unfortunately, the message that was left was unclear and seemed to imply that changes to their insurance would take place immediately in April.
This is not the case. While the vote will take place in early April, no immediate changes will be made to your current Medicare Advantage Plan.
Here are the facts.The Medicare agency has proposed changes to Medicare Advantage payments that will impact the 14 million seniors and people with disabilities who rely on this critically important part of Medicare. Combined with the cuts included in the health reform law, these changes will likely result in seniors facing higher out-of-pocket costs, reduced benefits, and fewer health care choices. Contact your senators today at1-877-58-SENIOR (1-877-587-3646) and tell them to protect your Medicare Advantage plan and urge them to vote against any cuts to Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan funding.
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