Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't get caught short if you made changes during Medicare Open Enrollment?

So, do you feel pretty good about the changes you made during Medicare’s Open Enrollment
period? Perhaps you switched from one Medicare Advantage Plan to another. Or, you changed to
a plan that has better coverage for your prescriptions. Congratulations on making these changes.
But, there are still a few things to do before your work is done. Here are five steps you can take
now to smooth the transition to your new Plan.
1.  Cancel your supplement coverage 
Your Supplement is not automatically cancelled when you switch to an Advantage Plan. Did you cancel your Supplement coverage? Although some companies will cancel and make changes over the
phone, others require a written request so ask what your insurer requires.

2.  Cancel your automatic withdrawals.

Were your premiums being automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account?
Cancel your withdrawal with the insurance company and then follow up with your financial
institution to make sure the automatic withdrawal is cancelled.

3.  Tell your doctor

If you changed from one Advantage Plan to another, let your doctors know the first time you see them in the new year. If your doctore unknowingly files for reimbursement with the wrong insurance
company, it will cause confusion and delays in payment.

4.  Tell your pharmacy
Present your new insurance cards to your pharmacy before you need your next prescription. Don’t wait until you need a refill or have an emergency before you make this change.

5.  Check any new requirements.

Some medications require a pre-authorization from your physician. If you have needed this in the past, check your coverage and then contact your doctor before you need a prescription refill.

Taking these steps now will help you side-step any potential problems with your new health care plan. 

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