Wednesday, November 14, 2012

6 reasons to call me before December 7

Medicare Open Enrollment ends December 7. Here's six reasons to call me TODAY.

1.  There's no charge. You'll never pay a penny extra for my service or for me to be your agent.

2.  I understand Medicare. I can explain what all the Medicare terms, like co-pays, Advantage Plans, Prescription D, open enrollment and lots of other confusing terms mean.

3.  I know what's covered - and what's not. Original Medicare will only cover up to 80% of your medical costs. I'll help you figure out if you need additional coverage and what kind you need.

4.  I do paperwork. I can assist you with forms and paperwork.

5.  Medicare doesn't happen automatically. You have to choose which parts or additional plans you want. To do this, you must understand the differences in coverage and costs.

6.  I'm right here in Mentor. When you have questions, we can sit down face to face to talk.

If you're not sure if your Medicare plan will be the right one for you in 2013, call me at 440-255-5700 for an appointment. Take advantage of my experience. 

But you're running out of time. Open Enrollment ends December 7.

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