Saturday, September 26, 2015

Don't get locked into a Medicare Advantage Plan that no longer works for you.

Whether this is your first Open Enrollment season or you’ve been through a few, it pays to take time now to study your Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan options. Remember, plans can change their coverage, benefits and costs. You don't want to find out too late that you're locked into a plan for all of 2016 that doesn't cover your doctors, your hospitals or your medications. You should receive updated information by October 1 on your plan.

I also recommend that you sit down with friends or family members who may have questions and aren't sure what to do. Please set aside some time to go over their current Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plan coverage and figure out if they need to make any changes. If you need assistance, call me at 440-255-5700 or email me and I'll look into your concerns and offer some options.

The dates to remember are:

October 1 – 15   Evaluate your current Medicare plan
October 15        Open Enrollment begins and you can make changes.
December 7      Open Enrollment ends. Last day to make changes for 2016

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