Monday, March 30, 2015

8 Ways to Blow an Insurance Exam

A life insurance medical exam usually takes about 20 minutes and may be done in your home or the doctor’s office. It includes height, weight and blood pressure checks, blood and urine samples and a medical history. The healthier your results, the lower the premiums you’ll pay for coverage. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? 

But, you can throw off the test results and end up paying higher premiums. So, even though you can’t study for it, here are 8 ways to prepare for your exam.

1.     Don’t load up on coffee or caffeine drinks
It’s probably okay to have your usual morning cup before the exam, but stimulants like caffeine can boost your blood pressure and heart rate.

2.     Don’t eat if you’re supposed to fast
Eating before a blood test can elevate triglyceride and glucose readings.

3.     Avoid a strenuous workout
Elevated protein in your urine may be a temporary condition brought on by exercise or may indicate something more serious like kidney problems. Prevent any confusion by avoiding overexertion for 12 hours before your exam.

4.     Stay hydrated
      Drink plenty of water the day before and a large glass an hour before your exam. If you’re dehydrated, the concentration of your urine may be outside the normal range. Skimping on water also makes it tough to produce a urine or blood sample.

5.     Avoid smoking
Nicotine is a stimulant and can elevate blood pressure so avoid any tobacco for at least an hour before your exam.

6.     Avoid excessive drinking
     A glass of wine the night before may be okay. But, steer clear of all alcohol for at least 12 hours before your exam to avoid throwing off results.

7.     Don’t snack on chips and pretzels
      Salty foods can lead to dehydration, boost your weight and affect tests for kidney functions. Keep salty foods in check for 24 hours before your exam.

8.    Don’t get stressed out.
     Some people get nervous around doctors and nurses. Try to relax and think calming thoughts.

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