Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mind Your Meds: How do you track your Rx usage?

It     It is estimated that more than 90 percent of people 65 or older use at least 1 medication per week. More than 40 percent of people in this age range use 5 or more different prescriptions per week. That's a lot of medications to keep track of!  To ensure their safe use, here's a couple of tips to stay organized:

1    Create a chart that outlines your medications, including when and how much to take. You should also include any non-prescription vitamins, supplements and prescription creams that you are using. Bring this chart with you whenever you see your doctor, visit an emergency room or are admitted to the hospital.

      You can create your own chart or you can pick up a complimentary wallet-size medication record/ID card at Mutsko Insurance Services, LLC,  6966 Spinach Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060.

2.  Check into using e-tools and apps offered for free on your iPad or smart phone to help you track your medication usage. Two free apps that have good reviews are:

Med Helper  –  Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker, and

Pill Alert  –  Medication, Prescription Reminder and Tracker, and Tracker.

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