Thursday, November 14, 2013

Introducing our new website!

I'm pleased to introduce Mutsko Insurance Services's brand new website. Click here to check it out at

Our newest feature gives you the ability to get online insurance quotes from me. Just click on the Online Quote link and fill in your information. I'll shop around and present you with up to three different choices of the best insurance plans to fit your needs. It can be a great time and money-saver for you.

While you're visiting the site, please sign up for our free quarterly newsletter. It's quick and easy to do. If you want to see a sample of the information that is contained in the newsletters, you can read some of the previous issues on the website.

Let me know how you like our new website. And, if you have any suggestions on improvements we can make, please let me know.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, I will for sure be looking into that website and giving my feedback. My wife recently had a new website created for her business and I must say I like it. If the website is easy to use and the color scheme matches then you are on the right track. Thank you for sharing.

    Raleigh @ Octane Web Group

  2. The website looks really amazing. The layout and color scheme really suit the context. Keep up all the hard work you have put in. It will pay off soon. I know I have spent a lot of time on my website and it has really changed for the better. All the best for all future endeavors. Thank you for sharing.

    Zack @ MyNetWire

  3. Congratulations on the website start up, you've developed a great design here. A clean colour scheme and item set up with text that's easy to read and navigate makes your site simple to use. The hard work you've put in, to reach out to the world's modern community, will see your business excel by leaps and bounds. Best of luck!

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

  4. Great job on the new website. I can relate to how much time and effort it takes to be able to make a fully functioning website that will keep the visitors engaged. Great job and I hope that your traffic continues to increase and your sales too. Keep us posted on how things pan out in the future with the new website.

    Charles Campbell @ EVM Digital