Thursday, January 10, 2013

Health Care Reform: What Does it Mean for your Business

Who has answers for you?

Healthcare Reform Legislation  that was signed into law March 23, 2010 provides the most sweeping changes we have ever seen in healthcare and health insurance in America.  It is something that will undoubtedly affect each and every one of us. Yet, very few people, including insurance industry professionals, can honestly say they fully understand how it will affect you and me.

That’s why I am taking steps now to become a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist.  

The certification process is much more than a matter of reading and understanding the healthcare reform bill. It is my commitment to learning the regulations and developing the ability to interpret these rules as they apply to my clients, their employers and the businesses in our area. I want to be armed with the facts in order to answer the question I hear asked most often: “How will “Obamacare’ affect me?”

The next phase of Healthcare Reform will affect businesses and their employees as well as further changes to Medicare. The Affordable Care Act creates a whole host of new employee reporting and disclosure requirements. The heart of Healthcare Reform rolls out in 2014 so employers will need to start planning now for these changes to ensure they are not left behind.   

As a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist, my goal is to become your most reliable resource to guide you through the process of adapting to the new health care regulations. 

Throughout the coming months, I will be sharing updates and information on Healthcare Reform  here in my blog at, on my website at and in future newsletters. If you have specific questions pertaining to you or your business, please send your questions to me at and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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